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Company general
Qingdao Haihuada Hardware Product Co.,Ltd.
is located in the eastern coastal areas center of Qingdao- - - jimo, east jinan-qingdao motorway, qingdao-yantai first degree highway in the west, JiMo jiaoji railway station, south from the Qingdao liuting international airport 15 kilometers, Qingdao airport 40 km, the traffic is very convenient. The factory specializing in the production of various types of pipe processing... ...
Welcome to Qingdao Haihuada Hardware Product Co.,Ltd.

  • Add:Qingwei road 1058 jimo Qingdao
  • Tel:+86-0532-83501733
  • Fax:+86-0532-83501722
  • Email:h83501733@163.com
  • Web:http://www.qdhuaxin.com.cn

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Add:Qingwei Road, Jimo, Qingdao Economic Development Zone No. 1058 Tel:0532-83501733 Fax:0532-83501722 Tel:015966833318 E-mail:h83501733@163.com
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